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Vacation rentals in Reunion

Region Réunion island : the sights, the beaches, the village of the Entre-deux, the nearest beaches of the tree of the traveler.

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A world, unique, exceptional, mixed, condensed emotions, flavors and fragrances, intense island heritage. Elected most beautiful island in the world.

On August the 1st of 2010 UNESCO inscribed 40% of Reunion Island’s territory in the World Heritage Site. It recognizes that all pitons, cirques and ramparts of Reunion Island creates spectacular scenery and significantly contributes to the conservation of terrestrial biodiversity. Subtropical forests, tropical rain forests and moors are a remarkable mosaic of ecosystems and landscapes visually attractive.

More than 1000 km of hiking trails to discover this world heritage


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The deeply eroded relief offers breath-taking panoramas where walls of several hundred meters in height emphasize landscapes. Although biodiversity was disrupted by the arrival of humans, there are nearly four hundred years, more than a third of the surface of Reunion island has retained its original characteristics. Despite human activity, 30% of Reunion Island’s today natural environments are exactly the same as when the island was deserted! A national park and marine reserve, and various associations, ensure the preservation of this inheritance. Reunion is home to 230 unique plant species in the world.


This is what makes Reunion the first of the 20 places in the world working for sustainable tourism (see elsewhere on our blog link.).

Reunion Island is the fourth French natural site registered in the heritage of humanity after the Gulf of Porto, Corsica, the lagoons of New Caledonia and the Mont Perdu in the Pyrenees. As the Maloya, a Reunion kind of music and dance, got classified last year as a World Intangible Heritage, Reunion Island confirms its status of excellence.

In August 2013 one of the world's largest social network of travelers, WAYN.COM, asked its million members to elect the most beautiful island in the world and Reunion Island got elected ahead of the Seychelles, Bali, Hawaii, Ibiza, Bahamas, etc.

One of the charms of Reunion Island is the variety of its landscapes, from the plant at the mineral: exuberant and primary forests where wild orchids bloom to the lunar mountains.



Savanna and dry forest: on the west coast. The semi-dry forest: on the slopes of gullies collected from the coast under-the-wind, it is home to many rare and protected species. The color of wood forest Netherlands: in the Wild South and the mid-slopes of the east, it has an extraordinary rich vegetation (over 40 species of trees, often unique in the world). The top coloured wood forest: all around the island you can see its lush tall trees covered with lichens, mosses. The top tamarinds forest: this only exists in Reunion Island. It stretches on flat areas, where tamarinds take tortuous forms under the influence of cyclonic winds. Higher: above 1700 m above sea level, extensive moors and heaths give way to the mineral world, with the highest peaks approach.

This flora diversity is partly due to Reunion Island tropical climate which enjoys an eternal summer. Sunshine is very important throughout the year. Nevertheless these deeply eroded reliefs generate, to the dismay of Météo France, more than 150 microclimates which make Reunion Island’s originality.

We saw above that you can discover these wonders over 1000 km of hiking trails, well maintained by the National Forest Organization, plying these pitons, cirques and ramparts of Reunion. Must: Mafate, the volcano and for confirmed walkers the Piton des Neiges (see above hiking video), without forgetting the possibility of horseback riding, cycling and water hiking.

Many professionals offer their services for these activities, horse riding can be done over several days with bivouac night or cottage, for mountain bikers descending Maïdo is an absolute must do, and the island several mountain bike trails are signposted in forest, Dimitile, or more accessible forest of Etang-Salé. For a more relaxing holiday, you have the opportunity to ride an electric bike for hiking; a small structure rents electric bikes in the former gas station at the beginning of the bike path at Etang Salé.

The more courageous would rather try the recumbent bike, quad bike or other unusual craft.

Note you can try aquatic circuits and trails in the lagoon or the marine reserve.

You can also participate in a guided tour of the nature reserve of Etang-Saint-Paul, on foot, by bike, or kayak, inquire at 0262 45 81 80 or see elsewhere in our blog.

For aquatic hikes river you must take a state graduated guide, Reunion Island is internationnally known for that (second site in Europe after Spain for canyoning and snorkeling in the river). A must do in this area: the yellow flowers aquatic canyon in Cilaos, the white hole in Salazie, Langevin river, Peace basin in St. Benedict, but leave the iron hole (Cannyon on three days with night in a cliff) for scientific expeditions.

The sites to be discovered by car: Maïdo, Cilaos and Salazie, the East Coast and the South with its lush wild vegetation, its vanilla, its lava flows and the miracle of Notre Dame des Laves.

Make a special place for one of the jewels of the best tourist sites during your holiday stay at Reunion Island: the volcano Piton de la Fournaise one of the most active in the world. When waiting to come to Reunion Island to discover its hidden faces by visiting the museum's newly renovated volcano, take a look at this video on the volcano Piton de la Fournaise in our blog on this site.

If your budget allows a helicopter flight over the island (about 250 € per person the grand tour), this flight will burn forever in the depths of your memory that volcano and steep reliefs of our Reunion mountains. If not for a lower cost plan an exit in a microlight aircraft or by contacting the aero clubs of Reunion.

Natural biodiversity but also cultural diversity, the meeting is a mixed world. Mixed populations, rites and cultures and even religions .... The soul of Reunion, is above all that of its residents (Kaffirs , Malabar, zarabs Chinese yabs,) who were able to shape their living together without forgetting their rich roots. You can have a glimpse of this rich culture by visiting the main buildings of different religions:

The most famous mosques are those of Saint-Denis and Saint-Pierre. The latter is one of the largest in the Indian Ocean. You also have to see the Tamil temples Narassinga-Peroumal of St. Pierre and the Temple of the Colossus of St. Andrew. Chinese commune with their gods to Guan Di Temple St. Pierre and Quan Yin pagoda on St. Pierre waterfront. Among Catholics do not miss St. Anne Church of St. Piere built the same time as the buildings of the East India Company and one of the oldest buildings of Reunion Island and visit Notre Dame Issuance in Saint-Denis. If you have the opportunity to attend a Tamil fire-walking ceremony or cabaret service where Malagasy descendants honor their ancestors, grab it ! In our website you can view a video walk on fire.

Invariably these different cultures are a crossroad of flavors. You will discover all these flavors sharing an home-made curry. The host tables immediately guide you through the daily life of Reunion inhabitants. The “brèdes”, scrunchies, gratins forgotten vegetables, donuts nasturtium, the massalé goat, the rougail sausages, duck with vanilla, the chicken curry over a wood fire without forgetting the rum at the beginning and the end of the meal are succulent smugglers customs, if the opportunity arises participate in a picnic with a Reunion family. Having a picnic on Sunday is a real cultural institution in Reunion. You will be surprised by the atmosphere and the logistics of these picnics, do not come with your sausage and your baguette at these picnics : poultry is killed on the spot and immediately cooked in the kitchen fire.

Intense Reunion Island, strong sense of island, extreme, air (paragliding, flying over the island by helicopter or plane, skydiving, tandem jump) in the water or on the water (surfing , skysurf, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, sea trip to see dolphins and whales), on the land (rock climbing, canyoning second site in Europe after Spain, rafting, kayaking, golf) in land (in the bowels of the volcano to see kilometers of tunnels and labyrinths remains of ancient eruptions, qualified guide mandatory state).

The professionals offer on Reunion Island is to meet your multiple applications in the areas of extreme.


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The Beaches:

We must not forget about one of the main strengths of this French department (974): beaches of fine sand to the turquoise waters and breathtaking sunsets. The guest apartment the Traveller's Tree is close to beaches, 15 minutes from the beaches of Saint Pierre and Etang-Salé les Bains and 30 minutes from the beaches of the west.

To recover from your excursions and your strong feelings, Reunion island offers beaches: Boucan canoe beach, the beach of the black rocks, the Hermitage beach, La Saline, the Hole water, the beaches of Saint-Leu, the black sand beach of Etang-Salé, the beaches of Saint-Pierre, Manapany .... The beaches, with white or black sand, sometimes shaded by casuarina trees or vacoas , spread over thirty kilometers to the south west of the island. The temperature is around 26 ° on average. Water is more or less deep (lagoon) and fish, do not hesitate to bring fins, mask and snorkel to discover the aquatic fauna and flora preserved in marine reserves which extend over 40 km of beaches and jealously guarded by the eco guards.

For the more adventurous who are not content with that of the surface of the water mask and flippers will want to explore the seabed of Reunion Island, several scuba diving schools mainly based in Saint-Gilles, Saint Leu, Saint Pierre, are available.


For those who want to stay grounded while combining tan and physical activities, you will head to paddles or kayaks rentals. Special mention for transparent kayak to discover the wealth of our lagoon. The rental of these various devices is available on the majority of beaches on the reunion island

Unable to write a chapter on beaches without mentioning "shark attack": do not leave indoctrinated by the hype sensationalism. The shark attacks exist on a percentage of Reunion in fine beaches unprotected by lagoons. The vast majority of beaches are protected by lagoons. Of course swimming and various water activities are recommended on beaches patrolled by lifeguards and protected by a lagoon. Some beaches are protected with anti shark nets and other protection systems.

On the occasion of their migration, whales pass close to the Reunion coast and come to calve. They offer a spectacle visible from the shore and beaches. Throughout the year, boat trips also allow to meet dolphins and whales (whale season : June, July, August).

Another question in the frequent information requests:

What to do with children:

Sea walks in Saint-Gilles in glass bottom boats to admire the marine fauna and flora, sea trip to the dolphins, in June, July, August, it's whale season.

The aquarium of Saint-Gilles

Saint Paul the nature reserve of Etang Saint Paul offers walking tours, biking, or kayaking, concessions for families, students, and children. See also our blog.

Saint-Leu: Turtle Farm, the Botanical Garden Mascarin

On Etang-Salé: black sand beach, aqua park with water slides, croc park with crocodiles, the fishing on fish farms.

On St. Pierre you have the beach with water jets for children. They are feasting and forsake the beach to play for hours in the water pipes. Still on to St. Pierre the open market of the site you have a children's playground and beach just behind, very convenient for the child to vary the various games and beach park (bars trucks are nearby for refreshments ), if the child is a little older 200 m further you have a skate board landscaped site and away, the beach volley, beach soccer and more.

The Saint Pierre offers the tourist office Wednesday after twelve one vacoa braiding workshop and introduction to the Creole language (for any age adult and children) free service.

The vast cove beach and has a sea water swimming pool, safe swimming for children and St. Philippe which also houses the spice garden.

If you go through the Langevin, Salazie or trout fishing is in my opinion the reach of children.

Locate the book the 52 walks and hikes easy to Luc Reynaud meeting at Garfish, steps of time not exceeding 4 hours and try to use car tours such as volcano, Maido, cilaos, Salazie, the cast larvae from the east coast, forest roads and Tévelave Maido, and the road to the forest and Bébourg Bélouve.

Saint-André on the colossus of the park is a play garden of several hectares, rides tricycles, pedal boats, trampoline ....

Passing Maïdo you can try the adventure ropes courses on the trees of the forest, open to children from 5 years. Cilaos going towards dry Arm a new site acrobatic course in the trees just open.The same structure exists in the forest of Makes just before the point of view of the Fenêtre. For older children: a detour via fierrata the waterfall niagara in Sainte-Suzanne is likely to be much appreciated and a baptism of diving, paragliding, canyoning, or mini surf course, in many schools from the island. To mark or celebrate a birthday parachute jump in tandem at 4000 m above sea level, I guarantee you the unforgettable character (for large budget: around € 350 with video of the event, inquire at para club Pierrefonds).

Also consider with children fun and creative workshops, that will appeal to young and old alike, such as the manufacture of perfumes, you become familiar with essential oils, essences, herbs used, the different stages of manufacture, etc. Very practical day rains. Providers of these services move even at home on the Entre-Deux for example, "L'Atelier de Creation of D'Sens Memory Perfume".

With children if possible choose a home with pool and garden.

Tip: travel smart, travel light: there on the island a small business (locamarmailles) that rents baby equipment at very affordable prices, stroller, backpack, seat booster etc ...

Car rental companies also have cars with baby seats, consider this accuracy when booking your rental car.

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The Entre-Deux our village:

One of the most beautiful villages in the Reunion island with Hell-Bourg   in Salazie   .    

The Entre-deux, a village of 5500 inhabitants, nestled halfway up a Reunion, a special, authentic Creole heritage and preserved its boxes (synonymous in Reunion villa / house) Creole beautifully kept and decorated with valances , flower gardens, close to all amenities (historically this village was a district of the town of Saint-Pierre) and ideally placed to radiate towards Saint-Gilles, Réunion, Saint-Leu, the Salines les bains, the beaches of west, the volcano Piton de la Fournaise, the wild south, the circus of Cilaos and the summit of the island of Reunion: the Piton des Neiges, the plains of the Réunion (Plaine des Cafres and the Plaine des Palmistes with forests and Bébourg Bélouve).

Nearby (10 minutes) from the airport of Saint-Pierre Pierrefonds, sea, St. Louis, Buffer, River St. Louis.

The field of roasted coffee in Pierrefonds is to visit botanical gardens, guided by a passionate with great mastery in the knowledge of trees, plants, and their antrophologies. The local host is nice. Really a nice outfit structure by professionals.

L'arbre du voyageur is 15 minutes from downtown St. Pierre, Etang-Salé with its beaches, its forest, its golf, water park, its crocodiles (one in Réunion), ponds.

35 minutes from the beaches of Grande Anse Petite-Ile and site Manapany les Bains offering us its wild coasts and sea polishing the huge rocks, in the municipality of Saint-Joseph.

The guest apartment l'arbre du voyageur is 55 minutes from the capital of Reunion Saint-Denis and 1h15 'from the airport of Gillot in Sainte-Marie, after 10 hours of traveling more than an hour's drive to enjoy the holidays in the shade of l'arbre du voyageur.

The wonderful road tamarins, emblematic equipment of economic development of the Réunion island, put the Entre-deux 35 minutes from the beaches of Saint-Leu and the town of Saint-Paul (home to the beautiful beaches of the west Reunion: the beaches of Saline les Bains, Boucan Canot, the beaches of Saint-Gilles les Bains, kilometers of white sandy beaches of the Hermitage (or Ermitage) baths, Port and Possession 40 minutes .

The village of Entre-Deux is classified green holiday resort and labeled Creole Villages, has a tourism office dynamic, multiple tourist attractions especially many well-maintained hiking trails, ability to join: the Piton des Neiges ( the highest peak of the reunion over 3000 meters) and Cilaos after 10 hours of hiking, the Plaine des caffres and the volcano Piton de la Fournaise, the tourist site of Dimitile 1800 m altitude is 2:30 walking, with its eco museum of slavery, the paragliding area, its mountain bike trails and numerous cottages, furnished accommodation, and tables of hosts for tourists.

See the Entre-Deux, arboretum, baking bread in the bread oven, the circuit Creole houses and gardens, the ancestral crafts choca, stonemason, babouk creation, tables B, eco museum of slavery and possibility of Dimitile botanical discovery tours, an electric bike ride with the association "Entre-deux zépokf" simply stroll in the village and soak up this good life.....

Succulent and host tables for dining in the evening, and a wellness station to retrieve resourcer you or hiking.

Below the tourist office link of the Entre-Deux and the official website of the municipality for more information on the village.

Tourist Office of Entre-Deux

Official website of the municipality.

We just give you a foretaste of visits to make about the réunion and could not list them all. We advise you to refer to the various traditional guides such as the backpacker, little smart, Lonely Planet and last address to plan your excursions: a relatively unknown but remarkable site to me:

The author of this site has since published a book of hiking book.

You can see another video about the meeting in the chapter "blog and news" of this website.

We are at your disposal throughout your stay to assist you in organizing your trips.

To summarize, incourtournables few sites for a holiday stay of one week:

The volcano

The Maido for the views of the circus mafate


The East Coast and its lava flows

The interior of the island, forest and Bébourg Bélouve.

Salazie and the village of Hell Bourg.

If your holiday stay beyond the week include in this schedule a getaway in the circus mafate to the new with a night in a cottage, tours of vanilla plantations, gardens, museums (Stella Matutina, the distillery of red wood The saga of rum, home of bees, the saffron museum and others) and select hikes to do.


We can not put everything on this page, if you see an oversight, a site, a tourist element, which in your opinion needs to be mentioned on this page you can repair the lack by leaving a comment. We require a return link to the comments showing the address of a website.

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Below different facebook pages internets or addresses that can be useful to plan your vacation at the Meeting:

Tourist Office of Entre-deux Reunion:

IRT Reunion island


Tourist office Northern Reunion:


Tourist office West Reunion:


Tourist Office South Réunion:

The volcano the Piton de la Fournaise to the space
whale and her baby
the line of orangers
Volcano return to calm

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