Vacation rentals in Reunion

Villa for 12 people with Pool & Jaccuzzi

Vacation rentals in Reunion

Rates for the traveler tree rental, furnished lettings availability of traveler's tree




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We offer the stay of children under 3 years: not only recognized as persons in the grid below.

bathroom of studio






All our rates include linen, cleaning once a week (excluding holidays and annual holidays), garden maintenance, water, electricity (if reasonable consumption), tourist taxes,

Unlimited internet and wifi, telephone calls (fixed-to-land and mobile calls, meeting and metropolis and fixed only from more than 100 international countries, special numbers excluded), very convenient to keep in touch daily, during your holiday stay in the rental, with family members.

On the tariffs in the month of the tree of the traveler it is necessary to possibly impact the nights on average or in high season.



For stays on horseback on 2 seasons, the departures or graduated arrivals of tenants contact us for a personalized quote on the basis of the rates below.

Attention: do not be surprised if you find different rates on some sites ads, the latter are paid commission and the rate of our rental is increased by the percentage of their commission from 10 to 20%. (HomeAway, Homelidays, Tripadvisor, Atraveo etc.) In addition, you could have included in the estimate that these sites offer you, the amount of the deposit, which is set at the handing of the keys. Some even push the commercialism to apply the commission on this deposit that it does not cash or manage.

Some software of these sites do not take into account the subtleties of our tariff: decreasing price, stay of the children of less than 3 years offered, arrival and departure phased of the tenants, stays of holidays over two seasons tariffs, on certain site it is impossible to set the rate to the number of people over 4 seasons, it is possible that for a single season off we propose 4 seasons in our fee schedule.

On some of these sites you also pay the entire amount of your stay from the date of your reservation, while passing directly through the owner you pay only 30% deposit and the balance on handing over the keys. Their cancellation policy is also relatively strict and takes precedence over ours.




The price depends on the number of people and the season, the week is from 900 € (for 4 people in June)

The price is decreasing depending on the length of stay (from 13 nights), discount of 5%

For less than 4 people this is the single rate of 4 persons that applies (even in case of gradual departure of renter, and only 2 people stay in the holiday rental.)

For the high season Christmas and New Year's Day no degressivity to the number of people

A fidelity discount on all seasons and throughout the year (except on the month of June no accumulation of discount)

We offer stay of children under 3 years do not count them as people

For arrivals and departures staggered, for stays on horseback over two seasons, contact us for a personalized quote.

We do not have a gite operation:

We do not receive at the night, minimum stay: one week (7 nights)

The pool, jacuzzi, garden are attached to the main villa: these infrastructures remain totally private and are reserved exclusively for your group. You will not share them with other tenants except those in your group.

The different structures are on the same cadastral plot of 1400 m², but well differentiated, and independent and autonomous, with an individual entrance for cars and people, their respective meters of water and electricity, a fence wall separates villas with two gates and a porch that allow communication between them.

We open the different villas according to the number of people:

Up to 8 people main villa

From 09 to 10 people: main villa + the studio

From 11 to 12 people: main villa + villa F3

From 13 to 18 people: all the structures: main villa + villa F3 + studio

If you wish for example a single room for 5 people you switch in the rate for 9 people as the main villa has only 4 rooms with double beds. You must add the studio for the 5th single room, then you switch in the rate for 9 people.

Blue: low season: from 05/01 to 31/05,     

from 01/07 to 31/08

Green: medium season: from 01/10 to 20/12

Orange: high season special end-of-year holidays: from 20/12 to 05/01

Very low season: June


Low season: from 05 January to 31 May, from 01 July to 30 September,

Basic rate: this is the low season rate that applies for most of the year: from January 5th to May 31st, from July 1st to September 30th,

from 0 to 4 persons: single rate 1 weeks (7 nights): 1000 €

From 5 to 14 people: 32 € / night / person

More than 14 people rate degradations contact us.

Mid season (from 01 October to 20 December):

from 0 to 4 persons: single rate 1 weeks (7 nights): 1100 €
From 5 to 14 people: 35 € / night / person

More than 14 people rates degradations contact us.

High season (from December 20th to January 5th):

from 0 to 4 persons: single rate 1 weeks (7 nights): 1400 €

From 5 to 18 people: 42 € / night / person

No degressivity for the number of people.

Very low season (all the month of June):

10% discount on the whole month of June compared to our low season rate:
from 0 to 4 people: single rate 1 weeks (7 nights): 900 €

From 5 to 14 people: 29 € / night / person

More than 14 people rates degradations contact us.

We make a special effort in June by offering stays for children under 5 years.


We give priority to long stay (minimum 7 nights.)

Nevertheless, depending on the circumstances, we can accept short stays.

From 6 nights to 4 nights: 40 € per night per person (minimum 4 people)

Less than 4 nights: 50 € per night per person (minimum 4 people and 2 nights)

We do not have seasonality for short stays, short-term rates apply throughout the year except from December 20 to January 5 we do not make short stay.

We remind you that we do not have a function of lodging, the rent is reserved only and exclusively to your group or family.


Possibility of secure online payment by credit card to pay the deposit of your holiday.